Strayer University

Website Redesign

On this project, I was consulted to take over the redesign efforts for Strayer University from Navigation Arts. The process was based on individual sections of the site to be redesigned. Navigation Arts had provided a homepage design but, the remainder of the site still needed redesign. 

I was first tasked with the redesign of their Admissions section which is a extremely high traffic page that provides information to prospective students. 

Other Ways to Earn Credit
This section, a subset of the Admissions section was previously a conundrum of endless pages where prospective students could search for ways to either earn schools credits via life experiences or to take tests to opt out of required classes. Information was scattered over multiple pages and lacked primary focus. The solution was to design a search tool for the many testing options to return simplified results based on search criteria. In the end, I reduced upwards of 20 pages into a single landing page. 

The Strayer Experience
The second large section slotted for redesign was the "About" section. I wanted to make this section more engaging and really talk to prospects as opposed to talking about the schools historyAdditional pages within The Strayer Experience are: Campus Learning, Online Learning, Our Support, and Career Resources. 

Architecture & Strategy
The strategy was to increase conversion by creating a sense of support through personalization and humanization of the system. This was achieved by minimizing the complex architecture to reduce cognitive load and guide users to the content that is relative to who they might be. Overall, I succeeded in reducing the websites six global navigation items into four more compelling experiences. 

Other Consulting

Additional Samples shown here include: Mobile Grad Fund Marketing Campaign and UX recommendations for the redesign of a Campus Locator tool. These are shown to convey the range of work that what does for the client and represent sample deliverable documentation.