AARP Life Tools

After the 2010 relaunch of, we set out to update many of AARP’s tool applications. Two of the most widely used tools, AARP’s Retirement Calculator and AARP’s Social Security Benefits Calculator are two of the main highlights. While collaboration was key, we were tasked with setting the precedent for the experience of tools and effectively, how they should look. I was responsible for the product design of the two aforementioned tools and subsequent AARP Tool Style Guide to ensure that future tools followed a few design patterns. 

Additionally, I was able to really able stretch my creative responsibilities by producing a short promo video to market the launch of the AARP Social Security Benefits Calculator Tool. I was involved and responsible for every part of the process including iterative copy writing, storyboarding, creating animatics, illustration, animation, and exporting to various social media channels. 


  • AARP’s most widely used web application reaching hundreds of thousands of users.
  • Featured in stories on CBS NEWS, Consumer Reports, Forbes, as well as many more.