Meridian LMS Theme Builder

As an LMS (Learning Management Software) system with millions of users, Meridian Knowledge Solutions was spending countless hours customizing their SaaS application for their clients. Meridian wanted to put the ability to customize the CSS of their application into the hands of their clients. Therefore, a theme builder concept was created that piggy-backed on the popular Bootstrap framework. The Theme Builder allows for a system administrator to customize their instance of the Meridian LMS application. Three levels of customization include: Basic, Advanced, and Custom. 

The Basic instance allows for basic branding customization by allowing the user to upload a logo and select their primary brand color. 
The Advanced instance allows the user to edit a predetermined amount of Bootstrap classes and offers a Quick Preview to see some of the high level customizations that are being made to the instance of the application. 
The Custom setting allows for the uploading of a Bootstrap LESS file and gives a person who understands Bootstrap the ability to customize as many classes and elements that they want to.