About Me

Hey There! 

Well, it all started many cycles ago when I was born on the spring equinox and legend has it, there was an incredible ice storm that covered the land... Ooops, sorry that's another story I'm working on.

As a professional, I am a positive award-winning user experience design (XD) professional equipped with Lean, Agile, and Waterfall methodologies.

Over the years, I have matured into a strategic achiever delivering end-to-end user-centered design solutions from research and discovery to prototyping and delivery for public, private, and voluntary sectors with returned engagement with healthcare and ecommerce.

I'm self-assured that all my experiences, and there are a lot of them, have made me wise in understanding business goals, cross-functional team strategy, and the optimization of managing experience design workstreams.

More recently, I've been a focused spark plug with an entrepreneurial mindset to aid in the development of new business and/or to provide venture design and branding for startups.

Skilled in successful remote facilitation, collaboration, and delivery.

Let's get together and do something great!